The Challenge

Covid impacted every industry and Yoobi and Marvel collaboration was no exception. We decided to take on the challenge knowing it will nearly impossible to sell school supplies in the middle of a pandemic.

When we first onboarded the account, the account had a decrease in sales of 75% with zero campaigns running for the past 6 months. Yoobi was struggling to get their ads any traction.

Month 1: We were told that everything was set up properly and we will be continue from where they left off internally! However, that statement was far from accurate. Our goal was spend month 1 to research a very big Google Ads accounts and learn from past data, do our research and launch new campaigns to test the market, but we quickly learned that the ad account has been discounted from their Google Merchant Account and the shopping feed they have been using had zero products so the campaigns weren’t running before we came in. Google Tag Manager wasn’t set up and Shopify’s conversion tracking wasn’t set up correctly. Our research and setup usually take us 5 business days but with this account, it took us 2 weeks to properly setup the ad accounts before we launch anything because every stage was a surprise of unexpected issue that wasn’t communicated.


Yoobi and Marvel Power-Up Back to School With Inspiring Super Heroes

Combining Marvel’s iconic characters with Yoobi’s bold designs, the limited-edition collection will give students the tools to be uniquely themselves, no matter what adventure awaits them this school year.

The Yoobi x Marvel collection will comprise a total of 78 products, including pencil cases, notebooks, lunch bags, water bottles, and will assemble an array of fan-favorite characters from the Marvel Universe, with everyone from Spider-Man to Black Panther, Captain Marvel, the Hulk, and Iron Man making an appearance. The action-packed designs will give kids and kids at heart the chance to unleash their creative superpowers and feel inspired for a year of learning in and out of the classroom.

  • Google Ads

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Google Merchant Account


  • Google Ads

  • Google Merchant Account

  • Google Tag Manager

Google Ads
Google Merchant Account
Google Tag Manager


Month 1: We were able to properly setup the ad account by fixing Shopify google smart shopping, fix the Google Merchant Feed Issue in time to increase traffic by more than 60% and impression volume by 424% since we started working on the optimization. We started running 5 different campaigns (Shopping, display and search campaigns) in the last week of month one. We ended that month with 29 conversions, a 35% increase from the previous month before we came but with a higher cost per conversion increasing from $25 – $45, a 20% increase.

Month 2:
#1 Priority: Increase conversions at a lower cost/conversion.
We were been able to lower the cost/conversion from $45 to $15 and trending towards $12. Our strategy was to learn what caused the increase in CPA and we did that by regularly going through the search term reports to add negative keywords and the broad match types. Also pausing keywords and products that don’t convert but have over 20 clicks or spend more than our desired CPA.

#2 Overall Performance.
Compared to month 1, traffic increased 76% and conversion rate has increased 36%, scaling revenue at 157% in month 2. We went from doing 29 conversions to 109 conversions in month 2. We did all this in week 2 of month 2.

Week 3, we mutually agreed with our client to terminate the contract due to the lack of communication in the beginning and our time being taking advantage of because the client wanted daily updates and communicate from different platforms and we weren’t able to honor that due to the proposal we agreed on.

All in all, this was an extremely stressful challenge in the middle of a pandemic to sell school supplies but a good stressful challenge in the end.

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