When Facebook first came out, you would post a status update or link and every one of your friends and followers could see it. Over time, Facebook changed their algorithm and decided to show only the fans and followers that were super engaged and said they wanted to see all your content. After that, the algorithm changed again and it became less and less visible. Today, it has gotten to a point where if you post a link to your website, it’s not going to do well as compared to when you kept people on Facebook.

Facebook watch is here to help you out. It’s an application process to help you get the watch feature and it’s a great way of leveraging views and more followers. Despite changing, Facebook algorithms are very favorable to Facebook watch users. Facebook took a cue from Google where you curate content based on a metric of trust and relevance. This gives advertisers and avid Facebook marketers an opportunity to understand the algorithm and create content that is optimized based on the algorithm. This way, the user gives your followers for a better experience.

Facebook watch is an app designed to help you beat the Facebook algorithm. With the app, you can boost your posts, drive engagement, use hashtags and help share your content. It’s clear now more than ever that the new Facebook algorithm makes it tougher to reach people on the app. Posts made from pages are hit harder. These will struggle to break through organically unless the user has a very engaged audience.

Alkamba Creative Solutions

Facebook watch enables you to:

  • Put links in the comment section on your Facebook status
  • Engage with different comments before promoting
  • Boost your post to reach more people
  • Direct contact with fans through Facebook messenger.

With Facebook watch, users get a better chance for their content to get more views and break through organically. Facebook wants a larger market share and compete with YouTube hence the changes.

Facebook keeps on changing their algorithms making them harder and harder every day. Users have to keep up with the updates for a more relevant reach. You can also boost your posts relevance and help you organically reach more people. With the new ways Facebook has created to help you get more traffic, using Facebook watch makes it easier and faster.