Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Home Decor Business

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Having a home décor business is never enough until your business gets to the right set of people, with an accepted image and services. These could be achieved when there are proper branding and marketing in place. And considering the influx of home décor businesses around, it takes the extra-ordinary putting in place extra-ordinary efforts to stay at the top of their game.

Likewise, in a contemporary world, where everything has gone digital, for any home décor business to thrive, there has to be in place proper branding and digital marketing which would include: web design, social media management, media, SEO, inbound marketing, email marketing, etc. All these put together and handled by the right set of hands, would not only increase patronage but also convert your prospects and customers into advocates.

Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Home Decor Business

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At Alkamba Creative Solutions, we understand the need for branding and how digital marketing can help grow your home décor business, and that is why we have decided to build a team that handles all the necessary faces of branding and digital marketing for your business.

We know the effect of having a unified approach to both branding and marketing, that is why we offer the following services to make us your go-to handler when it comes to brand representation:

  • Branding: Understanding that your business goals and the lots of opportunities attached to them become prerequisites for our branding approach. From your logo designs to your color selection, to your brand message and tagline, etc., we know how important these things are and that is why we are here to help you take care of your image while you get along with the business.
  • Web Design: We go beyond creating a beautiful landing page for your business because our marketing experience at the crux of our creativity has made us see the need to transform your followers and customers into ambassadors, even from going through your website which serves as the first contact of your branding. This is why we work out a bespoke web design for your business by listening to you, understanding your target audience and infusing your business goals to deliver to your satisfaction. For example, eCommerce web designs, blog, testimonial web page, etc.


  • Social Media Management/Marketing: When it comes to digital marketing, social media marketing has a larger share of brand representation due to many things that go on there. From Customer relations to Client/Service to Brand Reviews etc. Our understanding of the social media psychology based on different platforms would make us sell and represent your home décor business optimally and convert followers to customers that will, in turn, impact all areas of your business.


  • Media: Digitalization and media are inseparable twins. And storytelling is the new gold to successful marketing, are best represented by outstanding media productions. From the use of media in branding your business to creating testimonials, we have all it takes to sell your story. That is why we approach this with a proper understanding of your home décor or flooring business goals, and we convert that into perfect storytelling that revolves around your audience, which may be in form of documentary, humorous, or emotional production.


  • Inbound Marketing and SEO: What is an online presence without traffic? With our knowledge base on Search Engine Optimization and inbound marketing, we would generate traffic for your home décor business from both local and beyond region audiences.


  • Graphic Design: One of the backbones of marketing is graphic design. We have learned to illustrate accurately with the use of graphic designs. Be it on websites, books, magazines, product packaging, etc., our urge for aesthetic delivery through a proper gathering of information and materials, make us accomplish our goal of getting your messages across.


  • Bonus and very Important: This may sound surprising but email marketing is more effective than social media with just one exception (sharing). Email is still the most widely used channel and is expected to continue to grow, reaching over 2.9 billion by the end of 2019. Not only does email have the largest user base overall, but it also has the largest user base of any age group. Research from ExactTarget reports that the majority of consumers check their email first thing, before anything else online. So it’s simple… Get them on your list!!
Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Home Decor Business

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Basically, we are your one-stop digital marketing agency when it comes to your home décor and flooring business. Contact us today and let us help you put some radiant smiles for your customers, starting with you!