Last year showed us the importance of incorporating digital strategies into our marketing campaigns. The year 2020 will be remembered by many small businesses as the moment they had to adapt to the times and explore new horizons. 

Throughout the world, we lived in confinement that limited the performance of many companies, but these changes meant a new way of working. 

ECommerce Tips

And so we see the importance of eCommerce from these platforms many companies were able to continue operating and offering quality care to their customers. Here we leave you with three tips so you can offer the best user experience. 

  • Establish a contingency plan against possible delays in deliveries. Don’t delay in informing your customers that the current situation may cause delays in shipments.  

You can add a prominent message on the front page of your website, in all categories, on each product card, and also on the sub-pages before order confirmation. 

  • Keep the registration simple. It is not necessary to ask for all the customer’s data in the registration process, you can wait until the customer makes a purchase to ask for more detailed data such as payment method or address. Spend some time thinking about what information you need, and when you should ask your users for it.
  • Make them feel safe. For your customers to feel secure about their purchase, it is important to have an SSL certificate from a reputable company (such as VeriSign) or even a visible phone number where they can call to make inquiries.

If you still don’t know if your business needs eCommerce, contact us and we will help you in the process.