Many businesses and organizations operate at the concept that survival of the fittest is the primary driving force of evolution and business. The most ruthless company will survive! This mindset has to lead us down a dangerous and ultimately catastrophic path. A species success is determined by the survival of the fitness within one’s ecosystem. The evolution of business is following a similar part often called social enterprise. Socially beneficial enterprise solves pressing environmental and social problems with the tools of business and the efficiencies of the market place. Business is shifting away from everyone for themselves model. The old paradigm of the survival of the fittest towards an acceptance of collaborations, mutualism, leading to more resources, innovation, efficiency, and more financially sustainability.

The traditional business model has come from complicated to complex. Supply chains have stretched across continents, and networks need to operate as one. However, many businesses operating principles are unsustainable and out of balance resulting in company-wide disengagement, miscommunications, and underperformance. The survival of the fittest has been misinterpreted over time to mean that only the unethical and most ruthless companies will survive especially when it comes to money. The system is based on competition, not cooperation. The 17th-century definition of competition is very different from what it had become today. According to the Webster dictionary, competition is to strive for a common goal. But not to win at any cost.

The million dollar questions are, how do you manage demand you can’t predict? How do you manage to supply you don’t own? How do you manage what you can’t see? The truth is, you can’t do it alone. The Art of sharing love in business should be your ultimate strategy. I know you are wondering “What is the art of sharing the love in business?” This art includes companies adapting, working in the community by creating the power of diversity and striving for a common goal. The art of visibility, the art of collaboration, the art of insight, and lastly the art of love and understanding your partner’s vision and sharing value.

In the fast-paced world we live in today there are so many software programs, social media management platforms like Agora pulse or Hootsuite, project management systems like or Bitrix24 that allow for an easy synergy for companies to align and work together. Collaborations are the key to success, however, it is important to remember there should be love and a mutual meaningful reason for working together. Apply the concept of sharing the love in business for a stronger, meaningful and successful partnership. Love and understand your partner’s vision by bringing value to each other and for the love of art… EXECUTE!!!!

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success.” -Henry Ford