COLIN KAEPERNICK: A HERO OR A TRAITORIn protest against social injustice, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to be the voice of the voiceless. His act of kneeling instead of standing with respect to the American National Anthem left the world to question where his loyalties lie. However, things are not always black and white since to some, Colin is a traitor while to others; he is a hero who wants to stand up for his own rights and that of his people. His bravery was an act of humanity to the people who have lost a loved one and never got justice. Despite the color of our skin, there are numerous cases that went cold because justice was not found whether it was social or not. Colin put himself and his career in jeopardy to ensure that a brother, a mother, a sister, a father, a spouse or a friend was heard and that they are not alone. The voiceless have a voice they can rely on and they can depend on the country they work hard for to get justice even though it’s for someone else.COLIN KAEPERNICK: A HERO OR A TRAITOR

Needless to say, the athlete disrespected the national anthem despite his noble act. It may not stand for everything and everyone in the country but it has a common purpose for all and that is to remind people to be brave and united. However, unless you have been in another person’s shoe, you will never know what it feels like to be black, afraid, be called a racist, be bullied because you are gay, be isolated because you are a little different, and be judged because you happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. These are the voices Colin stood for and continues to fight for: not just the black community but those who face social injustice and their cries are never heard. He broke no law, insulted no one and just knelt down together with his teammate Eric for the voiceless.

COLIN KAEPERNICK: A HERO OR A TRAITORIn a world where different people exist even without the issue of color, disagreements will always be there because we all view the world in various ways. Politically, this is an act of rebellion. However, no one said doing good came without consequences but the price is always worth it, no matter what people say.



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