Texas flooding brings out a local hero 

Local Houston HeroThe recent flooding that happened in Texas shook a lot of people. Homes and businesses were swept away and everything was left in a mess. A lot of properties were destroyed by the floods and massive damages were left behind. This was a time like no other in the history of Texas. The displaced people were left without food for days and it took the intervention of goodwill to help out the community. There’s no way you can be all time ready for a disaster like this. Even if there are emergency response teams, they also don’t anticipate this kind of tragedies and sometimes due to the nature of the disaster, it becomes hard to help out the people who are affected.

You don’t have to directly save a person from the floods to become a local hero whether you are from the neighborhood or not. This is what Pat Mullin the president of Total Floors believes in his heart and does. Pat owns a flooring business that is based in Texas. After the flooding happened, Pat stopped operating all his warehouses and went out to help the community. There is nothing that makes Pat a happy person like helping others. He believes that in your life, you should live in a way that you are impacting the lives of others positively. Pat left the company that he has been developing for the last 21 years to help out in the community and that in itself is being a local hero. You don’t have to possess some superpowers to become a hero. There is one thing that you can do and you become a hero at your place. Being a hero is about reaching out and impacting other people’s lives.

Local Houston HeroPat is also a volunteer at helping a hero. This is a charitable organization that helps soldiers who have been wounded in combat. This sometimes leaves them with amputations, severe burns, complete blindness, and semi-conscious needing round the clock care. Some of the homes have not been able to provide this for their wounded soldiers and even if the government compensates them, it is merely enough. This is why people like Pat have found a place where they can make the wounded soldiers feel they are appreciated. Feeling at home is what these injured patriots need and helping a hero does exactly that. Pat is one of the local heroes who volunteer at the organization and because of his contribution and that of many others, there are more than 100 soldiers who have been awarded homes in 22 states. It is the support of people like Pat that makes these heroes’ dreams come true.

Total Floors is a company that can boast of having a President who is a patriot and a philanthropist. Total Floors is a full-service flooring company that has the capacity of full-service flooring and can install a wide variety of products including hardwood, tile, carpets, granite and natural stone and also furnishes a house giving you an entirely new look.

Total Floors has a mission of providing their customers with quality products and a high level of service. Very few flooring companies have been able to achieve this, but under the leadership of Pat Mullin, Total Floors have experienced a shift from being just a local company doing local orders to a company doing commercial jobs. If you are looking for the best advice to help give your house a whole new look, it is high time you try Total Floors, the professionals in the company have experience with the most sophisticated projects. Remember this is a company that has been in existence for more than 21 years. This means the services offered are of high quality and the products are quality products that give your house a whole new look. Experience is the best teacher and the professionals at Total Floors have been through the best classes through experience.

Pat has developed Total Floors to the extent of handling big projects without having to hire additional contractors. The company has a highly tenured and professional staff with a broad range of services. This sets Total Floors apart from the other companies. If you need to visit the company for more information, their main office is located at 141 Magellan Circle, Webster, Texas and there is also an additional showroom where you can see all their designs and choose the best for you.

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